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Wedding FAVORS!

Good gravy! The options for wedding favors are endless! If you’re a decisive person, this should be easy for you- go in with a…

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Traditional, rustic, modern, vintage, beach…What does this all mean?! These pertain to the theme of your wedding! The theme is all about the look…

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Who DOESN’T love food?! The flavor, the spice, the variety. Choosing a caterer tends to get the best of couples, but only if you let it. When…

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Wedding planning season is here! It’s always interesting to see what the new trends for the up and coming wedding season is going to be. Colorado…

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Wedding Party

Once the initial euphoria of your engagement wears off, once the ring stops feeling strange on your finger, once you begin to realize that “HEY!”…

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For this blog I wanted to start the most dreaded topic (in my opinion) of wedding planning: THE BUDGET.  We all want to have our perfect…

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8 Month Update

8 month UPDATE

Well folks, I am in the full swing of planning my wedding! I have my venue and caterer locked down, I am days away from putting…

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Venue Hunting

Venue Hunting!!

My best friend Cali and I got together to put this fantastic list of questions together to help  and prep you in your search to…

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He Proposed!

Hi there!

He popped the question; and of course, you said “YES”, NOW what? Tell the story of the proposal, bask in that magnificent feeling of…

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Hi guys!

Congratulations on your engagement!

Planning the wedding of your dreams is supposed to be an enjoyable, fun and creative journey. All…

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