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Hi there!

He popped the question; and of course, you said “YES”, NOW what? Tell the story of the proposal, bask in that magnificent feeling of getting engaged and let the planning begin!

The first step in planning I recommend is to start thinking about a date. You don’t have to have a specific date but at least decide a month or even a season. It’s important to think about holidays, weather and location.

Holiday weddings can be good and bad. For example, my best friend Cali wanted to get married over Memorial Day weekend, it sounded like a good idea until she started researching flight pricing. It was ridiculous!

Weather can also be a huge factor. Colorado weather is extremely unpredictable. In May OR September, it could be 70 degrees and then out of nowhere a blizzard could ruin any outdoor plans you may have had.  All we can recommend when it comes to Colorado weather is to have a backup plan; this isn’t meant to scare you, but to ensure you have all your bases covered.

Location is the blueprint for your special day. Whether it’s a mountain wedding, beach wedding or anything in between; making sure there is transportation and plenty of lodging makes attending your wedding less of a hassle for your guests.

Next, I started creating my guest List. Putting together a rough draft of who you and your fiancé want to attend your big day can prove to be a difficult task; but it must be done.  Creating this list will also aid you in finding a venue, you won’t know what size venue you will be needing until you have a general idea of how many are coming.  I found it easiest to start with my family and friends in one column and then his in another, putting a (*) beside all the guests I knew 100% would be attending. Making note of how many guests are children proved to be helpful as well. This number will be adjusted and tweaked as time goes on and RSVP’s come in.

Keep daydreaming about what your ideal wedding encompasses. Pick up a wedding magazine, create a wedding website and get excited! Your planning is just getting started. I recommend Wedding Sites & Services for venue and vendor shopping, for everything (the build your own wedding website is awesome) and of course for online planning as well as more ideas!

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that is truly about you and your fiancé. Remember to take time to relax and talk about how you both picture your big day.

Happy Planning!

Meagan <3

Next week: Venue Shopping! (My personal Favorite!)

“All you need is love”- John Lennon

We Are So Much More Than Chairs