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Event Equipment Rentals

Holding a company event, fundraiser, or other special occasion and unsure of where to get all of your equipment? Allow Chair Rental in Denver, CO, to provide you with everything that you need for your special event. At Chair Rental, we have the best dance floors, carpeting, drape, tables and linens for your fashion show, dance party, or fundraiser. With podiums, raffle drums, PA systems, and so much more, your event is sure to be a success.

Convention and Expo Rentals

Allow Chair Rental to provide you with all your convention equipment needs. Our convention equipment includes:

  • 16′ tall velour pipe and drape: available in black or sapphire blue (per linear foot)
  • Chrome grid: 2′ x 7′
  • Corner shelf or waterfall for grid
  • Drape: 3′ tall banjo, per linear foot
  • Drape: 8′ tall banjo, per linear foot
  • Drape: 12′ tall banjo, per linear foot
  • Drape: 16′ tall banjo, per linear foot
  • Drape: 8′ tall black velour, per linear foot
  • Drape: 16′ tall black velour, per linear foot
  • 10’x4’ White Fencing

Audiovisual Equipment Rentals

From PA systems to raffle boxes, Chair Rental can provide you with all the audiovisual equipment for your upcoming event. Our audiovisual equipment includes:

  • 12″ ribbon-cutting scissors
  • Acrylic raffle box with lock: 12′ x 12′ x 12′
  • Aluminum easel: black
  • Bull horn
  • Curtain icicle lights: 9′ x 20′
  • Easel: gold aluminum
  • Easel: silver vein aluminum
  • Extension cord
  • Flipchart easel
  • Floor podium: oak, with PA system
  • Floor podium: oak, without sound
  • Movie screen with tripod stand
  • Podium: clear acrylic, no sound
  • Public address system: two speakers with microphone and stand
  • Raffle drum: gold spinning
  • Tabletop podium without sound

Chairs and Beyond

With podiums, dance floors, and audiovisual supplies, Chair Rental truly is your one-stop shop for your entire event rental needs. Find out more about our rental services by contacting us today! We look forward to providing you with everything you need for your special occasion!

We Are So Much More Than Chairs